Developing Android Apps - 3rd Edition

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This book gives you a practical introduction to Android app programming with Java. You will learn everything that is important for professional app development: from the basic building blocks of an app to layout creation with XML and the use of databases.

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Developing Android apps

Professional app development with Android Studio 4

The book guides you through the entire development process of an app using a consistent practical example. You will learn step by step how to process data and store it in a database with Room, program apps with multiple screen pages, display dialogs, query permissions, work with background processes, integrate Internet services and much more.

From the Contents:

  • Basics
  • Android Studio installation
  • Project creation
  • Creating layouts with XML
  • Navigation
  • SQLite database with Room
  • Dialogs
  • Data processing in the background
  • Permissions
  • Layout Binding
  • Unit Testing
  • Publish app